Private Lessons

Online Private Lesson

Your initial Online Private Lesson includes:

  • Discussion of your pet’s behavioural history and current behaviour.
  • Create a plan to get you started in changing your pet’s behaviour.
  • Training exercises to get you started.
  • Ability to record your online session for personal use.
  • Access to Educational Videos Via our Private Facebook Page or YouTube.
  • Note taking template to take into account how your pet’s entire well-being can affect their behaviour.

$75 for 90 minutes

Email to arrange details.

Live Private Lessons

Online Private Lesson is required as a prerequisite to all Live Private Lessons.

Prepayment Required *No refunds if cancellation with less than 32 hours.

Southeast Parks

$130 per 45min – 1hr

Come to Us in SE Calgary

$90 per 45min, $50 per 30min

Lessons in Your Home or at Your Property

$130 + Travel $0.59/km (training package discounts may apply)

Training Adventure Pack

Pack of 11 adventures –  $1285 incl. GST
(3 private lessons, 7 training lessons, 1 bonus hike)

It includes pick up, drop off from your home (SE clients only), training and additional adventure (your dog will be out of the car and active for 1hr minimum.) They are usually gone between an hour and 20 min and 3 hours. They get their own private training time as well as with other dogs to ensure they learn manners around on and off leash dogs.

Included are video clips of the behaviours your dog worked, pics or video of places they went on adventure on and I try my best to get videos of their interactions and how we can improve, what training exercises they would benefit from and some pictures too. Every 3 adventures a private lesson is required and the credits last 3 months.

Email to arrange details.

Private Lesson Options

Private lessons from basic to complex training and behaviour problems for dogs, cats, horses and other species. Contact us to discuss private lesson options.