Skills Classes

Pest2Pet offers a flexible class format to meet your schedule and your pet’s individualized needs.

Each Skills topic will help to teach the dog the basics or in the case of adventure classes, work on more advanced skills. A variety of skills and games are taught per topic, so you can attend any topic multiple times to get the full benefit of a variety of different skills that complement the topic. The class topics do not have to be taken in any specific order.  Your instructor will adjust the exercises to the level of the participants in class, this is why pre booking with the booking program on the calendar is very beneficial.

There are Basic Skills (for Puppy aged and 6+mo dogs), Adventure Skills and Reactive Dog Skills.  Each class category includes individual skills, games and relays. The adventure categories teach specific skills to complement the selected adventure. Reactive Skills work on teaching you how to handle your dog when they react, showing them that they don’t have to react in the first place, and just making them feel better about listening to you and communicating politely with the trigger.  Skills and games info cards, links to videos and handouts are included with the classes as well. Call or email us for a more detailed syllabus.

Basic Skills

  • Relationship Building and Smart Handling
  • Empowerment and Recall
  • Problem Solving and Motivation
  • Focus and Impulse Control

Adventure Skills

Adventure topics vary depending on the season here are our main ones.

  • Hiking Skills
  • Camping Skills
  • Holiday Company skills
  • Brain Games
  • Agility Fun Night
  • Scenting Skills
  • Sip and Stroll
  • Off Leash Skills
  • Competition Obedience Fun

Reactive Dog Skills

  • Ignore
  • Enjoy
  • Interact

Click to View Calendar then click “Info” to get more information or “Book” to book a class.  You can email or text us to sign up too! or 403 669 2561

Mix and match classes for your pet’s individual needs.

3 Class Pack: $180

5 Class Pack: $250

10 Class Pack: $360

Required First Class: Handler Skills Development

Attend the Handler Skills Development class without your pet. This is a course for the dog handler(s) only. You will learn leash handling skills, communicating with canines (timing, mechanics and motivation with markers), how to use your leash and body language for gentle communication, and dog-to-dog communication basics. We will also discuss effective physical and mental exercise to manage and prevent unwanted behaviour. Through the use of these skills, you will teach your dog to repeat good behaviour and decrease unwanted behaviour. Why hander/owner only? Having a training and communication plan will help your dog transition to a new environment with different dogs and people. If you show up and have no idea what to do or say to your dog, how is your dog going to trust that they should pay attention or listen to you? The clear and consistent communication you learn in handler skills will help you at home with all behaviours before we even teach them a sit, down or heel so by when your dog comes to class your dog will learn faster and have an easier time with distractions.

Private Lessons

Private lessons from basic to complex training and behaviour problems for dogs, cats, horses and other species. Contact us to discuss private class options.

Workshops & Seminars

Workshops and Seminars are available for 4H clubs, breed clubs, obedience clubs, schools, other large groups. For dog training and behaviour and multiple species including cat and horse and clicker training. Contact us for details.