Pest 2 Pet Team Methodology Reanne Heuston and the Pest 2 Pet Inc team always start training with the least invasive method of training or behaviour modification for the particular situation, pet and handler. We follow the Humane Hierarchy of behaviour modification when working with pets and owners. Here is a link for more info on this training and behaviour procedure: http://www.themoderndogtrainer.net/humane-hierarchy-behavior-modification-explained/

Reanne Heuston is the Owner of Pest 2 Pet Inc. in Calgary AB. Reanne Heuston started training before even her parents can remember. As a child and teen she was an active member of 4H Canada where she showed rabbits and horses. She also attended clinics, seminars, training classes and workshops involving all sorts of animals (mostly horses and dogs). When she was 19 she attended the Tom Rose School for dog trainers where she earned her Professional dog trainer certificate with a 90% average and expanded her knowledge of tracking, narcotics and scent detection, advanced obedience, and bite work. Taking the knowledge from all of her previous learning she narrowed her focus to work with owners and pets to build better through the use of science based positive reinforcement training.
Reanne attends animal training and behaviour workshops multiple times per year. She even observes methods she doesn't use to keep up to date on current techniques to help owners transition to more positive methods of training. All challenges in pet behaviour are considered when a customer requests service. The best training technique or form of behaviour modification is chosen based on the pet and the owner. Reanne actively attends seminars, trade fairs, clinics and trials to keep up to date with current tools and techniques in dog training. Listed below are a few of the clinicians Reanne has taken workshops, seminars and courses from. Although she may not use methods from all of these, she has usually pulled bits and pieces of positive teaching (humans) and positive animal training from them. Conferences, workshops, online courses, and seminars include: Clicker Expo, Cappdt conferences, Capdt conferences, Pat Hastings, Turid Rugaas, Sue Sternburg, Dr.Ian Dunbar, John Rogerson, John Lyons, Shelley Mcdonald(CEF level 3 dressage instructor), Peter Campbell, Pia Silvani, Sarah Kalnajs, Pamela Dennison, Steve and Jennifer White, Terry Ryan, Dr. Patricia McConnel, Dr. Ray Coppinger, Tony Pallota, Susan Garrett, Karen Pryor, Karen Pryor Academy, Terry Ryan, Denise Fenzi, Fenzi Academy, Hannah Brannigan, Forrest Micke, Michael Ellis, Bobby Lyons, and much much more. Reanne has also been a volunteer and donated to the BC SPCA, 4H Canada, multiple breed clubs, and many of our amazing rescues in Alberta as well as B.C. Her best and most thorough mentors have been the thousands of amazing animals she has worked with throughout her life and especially in her 14 professional years as an animal trainer and behaviour specialist.

Lindsey Greenway
- Worked for 10 years in the pet retail environment, with a major focus around dogs and cats, 6 of which were in management
- 12 years and am still volunteering with a not for profit group based around providing funds for rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing animals
- Trained my own dog and worked closely with Pest to Pet for many years attending training lessons and seminars
- Walking dogs for 2 years professionally
Other: Rapport leadership breakthrough 1, standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C, Whimis Certification, multiple dog food and pet nutritional forums, and a variety of animal focused training courses.

Kate Surette
Kate first met Reanne while working together in a communications program, offered to veterinary students from the University of Calgary. A dog lover specifically, but an animal lover in general, she was thrilled by the opportunity to begin dog walking and joined the Pest to Pet team in August 2014. A practicing Bowen Therapist and Reiki Master, Kate has a passion for health and well being. She became interested in bodywork while obtaining her Fine Arts degree at the University of Calgary. Eventually, this interest grew into a desire to aid individuals in maintaining the health of all aspects of self, including the mind and spirit. To inform her Bowen and Reiki practice, she has taken courses in Mindful Meditation, Shamanism, Crystal Healing and Animal Communication. With a strong affinity for animals, Kate has begun to apply these therapies to the animal kingdom. Her goal is to one day house a treatment centre that provides alternative, comprehensive care for all walks of life.

Jessica Raynor
Jessica has been working with Reanne from Pest 2 Pets since early 2015 and loves her group walks. She has prior dog walking experience and has a passion for pets of all types. At home Jessica has a 3 year old rescue dog named Bentley and a 11 year old cat named Celica. Jessica has had all types of pets growing up. She has learned so much about animal behaviour over the years. Jessica's background in online marketing, building websites, graphic design, event coordination and strategy has allowed her to work with a number of organizations, including animal rescue, pet retail, non profits and small start up businesses. Jessica enjoys learning and expanding her knowledge of both animal behaviour and marketing. She likes to live a balanced life and finds that dog walking and marketing is a perfect lifestyle.